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Education redefined from the ground up, we aim to bring first in the industry features to the Learning Management and Content Creation sector.

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What Keo Plus can do for you

Create robust courses easily

Streamline student maintenance

Accelerate any teaching tasks

Grade assignments on the go

Centralize communication networks

Increase the standard of eduction

Strengthen group interactions

Equip students with powerful resources

Get insight into every statistics

Visualize complexity through AI

Powerful Yet Simple

Robust feature sets, all in one place.

Keo Plus enables students and teachers to learn and teach in ways never imagined before. Through technology and AI, we make it easy to teach, and easy to learn.

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Connect Anywhere

Creating a Socially Driven Learning Environment.

Keo Plus is backed by a robust social network and student information system that creates a unique learning experience. Creating connections has never been easier.

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Any Environment Mastered

Learn anywhere, anytime, even with multiple Organizations.

We make it easy to take learning anywhere, our robust multi-organization platform allows users to be simultaneously connected to multiple schools on a mobile ready platform build responsively.

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From Tutors to Corporates, from Pre-school to Higher Education.

Ever since the beginning of our development, we set out to build a platform that anyone could pickup and use. We kept our user experience as minimal as possible while maintaining the features people love about traditional learning management systems.

Our unique approach to development has resulted in a product anyone could adapt and use. Tutors can tailor our platform to improve student progress tracking, highschools can use our platform to increase student and teacher interaction, and corporates can optimize Keo for effective and fast employee management and training.

We are excited to bring a product so easy, yet so feature rich at a price point anyone could utilize. Our mission will always be to create a useful platform that truly engages students and teachers in the process of education.

Kevin Jin, CEO at Phantomore Tech

Industry First

We developed industry first features that enhances any learning environment.Empower students through a powerful platform that increases engagement and creates invaluable analytics results.

Completely customizable

Style our platform to your liking easily with built in features. Further customization is even easier through our intuitive API platform.

Care to every Feature

Starting from our industry leading student information system to our new asset management system, we take care into every feature we develop.

Backed by intelligence

Our whole platform is based on a powerful analytics tool to not only to track progress but to tailor future outcomes.

Support that makes sense

We make sure that our support staff is available 24/7 directly through our in-app chat accessible with a single click. No robots, no emails.

Developer Friendly for Customization

Self In-House developed API based on MEAN stack. We make it easy for developers to customize Keo Plus and also create plugins.

Planning Execution

Oauth2 & LDAP Multi-tenacy Integration

We are making it easier for organizations with highly specialized authentication method to work with Keo Plus seamlessly out of the box.

Planning Stage80%

AI Backed Analytics

Backed by python, Keo Plus is introducing a industry first smart analytics platform to gauge student and employee progress with a simple click.

In active development & Beta testing60%

Expedite any learning environment.

Experience what a socially driven learning environment can do you your institution today. Keo Plus is open to individuals and even big institutions and corporations.

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